Meet Florence Kintu, one of the PEPFAR Heroes of 2016

Thursday, 4 May 2017 - 2:03pm

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Florence Kintu recieves an award from the US Ambassador to Uganda, Deborah R. MalacFlorence is an “unsung hero” in the fight against HIV as the filing clerk at the Joint Clinical Research Centre (JCRC). JCRC has one of the busiest clinics in Wakiso district, with more than 15,600 patients enrolled on antiretroviral therapy. After starting at the clinic as a cleaner, Florence was promoted to a filing clerk, due to her commitment and service.

On a busy day, the clinic has more than 250 patients, and Florence registers each and every one of them. Florence is always the first person to arrive at the clinic in the morning and one of the last ones to leave. She goes above and beyond to support the clinic, whether it’s triaging patients at reception or handling data entry. She loves her job and always has a smile when serving clients.

JCRC says: “Florence is passionate, very committed to her work, and loves patients. Sometimes she puts in extra hours and works on weekends to ensure proper filing. For some patients that are too ill to walk, Florence is always there to extend a hand to them. Florence is an unsung hero!”

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