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Major Activities

The day-to-day activities in these laboratories include: running controls, machines maintenance, sample reception and processing, dispatch of results, store requisitions, sample inventories, extracting and updating data in the lab-based database.

Available equipment

  • Some of the machines available in these laboratories include:
  • Centrifuge Rotanta 460
  • DELL / HP computers
  • FACS Caliburs and the corresponding  NEC Computers
  • FACS Flow supply systems
  • Genie-2 Vortex
  • HP Laser Jet printers
  • Sample mixers FSR20, BFR25
  • Sample preparation assistants and the corresponding NEC computers
  • Toshiba Fridges

Currently, these labs are participating in a number of internal and external quality control / quality assurance programs.

Tests performed

Below is a test-list of all tests performed in these laboratories:

  • HIV testing using ELISA, Western Blot and Rapid (Determine and StatPak) algorithms
  • Immuno-phenotyping
  • T Lymphs % of lymphs (CD3+ / CD45 +)
  • T Lymphs (CD3+) Abs Count
  • T suppressor % of Lymphs (CD3+ CD4+ / CD45+)
  • T suppressor lymphs (CD3+ CD8+) Abs count
  • T Helper % of lymphs  (CD3+ CD4+) Abs Count
  • CD3+ CD4+ CD8+ Abs Count
  • Lymphocyte (CD45+) Abs Count
  • T Helper / Suppressor ratio