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Relative reactivity of the V3 loop PND of HIV-1 subtypes A, B, C, D, and F with sera from selected Ugandan localities

2000 : Year of Publishing
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Synthetic peptides comprising the predicted principal Neutralizing determinant (PND) in new African and North American HIV-1 clones were tested in ELISA for reactivity with ninety six serum samples from asymptomatic donors in six selected localities in Uganda. Irrespective of the geographical origin of the samples, the majority of the test sera cross-reacted at high intensities with the peptides derived from the North American clone, BRT3.6 (Group B), the Ugandan clone, CUG045, (Group C), and the Romanian clone, FRMA (Group F). The frequency of reactivity of the peptides from BRT3.6, CUG045, and FRMA were within the ranges of 57-100%, 50-100%, and 57-100%, respectively, for the sera collected from these disparate localities. In contrast to these findings, the V3 peptides derived from the other Ugandan isolates showed a more restricted pattern of reactivity with the same serum samples: AUG06c (1-63%), DUG23c (2%), and DUG044 (38-87%). The results from ELISA inhibition assay indicated that the V3 peptide from BRT 3.6, CUG045, and FRMA express closely related antigenic specificities quite distinct from those in AUG06c and DUG044. The residues comprising the PND in BRT 3.6, CUG045, and FRMA appear to be well conserved in the HIV-1 subtypes prevalent in the selected Ugandan locales.

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Volume # : 140
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Issue # : 8
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Riley JP, Pestano GA, Hosford K, Francis C, Xie JM, Mugyenyi P, Kataaha P, Katongole-Mbidde E, Anokbonggo WW, Guyden J